NHS Prescriptions
– Register with us for your NHS prescription
If you have any enquiries regarding your NHS Prescription or stock availability you can contact us via post, fax, phone or email. Your enquiry will be processed by our pharmacy team as soon as possible.
– Processing & Assembly
Once we have received your NHS prescription, the pharmacy team will assemble your medication.
All NHS prescriptions will be professionally checked by a UK registered pharmacist. Any discrepancies will be raised directly with the prescriber, patient or associated carer at the discretion of the duty pharmacist.
Patients’ NHS exemptions will be verified at this stage or NHS item charge applied.
We aim to process and dispense your NHS items within one working day subject to stock availability.
– Free Delivery
Your medicines will be packaged & posted using unbranded discreet packaging. All NHS prescription items will be delivered free of charge.
If you have repeat NHS prescriptions on a regular basis and are not entitled to free prescriptions you can save money on NHS prescription charges by choosing to purchase a Prescription Pre-payment Certificate (PPC)

Certificates come in 3 months or 12 months depending on how many prescriptions you need over the period of time.

You can purchase a PPC from

A 3-month PPC costs £29.10 and a 12-month PPC costs £104.00
To see if you qualify for a ‘Medical Exemption Certificate’ check from